The Poetry Textshot

Greetings all.

So, for over two years now I’ve been sending out free poetry directly to people’s mobile phones on a (roughly) weekly basis. Now, due to some chicanery involving a disappearing contact book and a broken mobile, I’ve lost a bunch of the details for people who’ve signed up. So I’m putting the call out for new subscribers! If you want to get poetry texted to you every week (or if you’ve signed up, but the texts mysteriously stopped appearing) then email your number to!

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, then an example of the poetry (which went out in today’s textshot) can be found below:

On the day the sun burst

popped like a pimple or grape

& radiation flowered hungrily outwards

we were first outside to gape, hand in han

standing close & breathing in the ozone

& each other

as star-bright fire grew across the sky.

We drank in the sight of it

& both my hand & the ground shook

but you shushed me

took my face in your palms

& said

“Be not afeared, for we were made from the dust of stars

our clay baked in their flames

my beautiful sun-born boy

we are going home.


About websterpoet

I'm a performance poet, sometime stand-up comedian and general writer type. I also run a free weekly poetry text that sends poetry direct to your phone, just e-mail me at with your name and number and I'll add you to the 'textshot' mailing list. Also, you can follow me on twitter @websterpoet
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